{Craguns} Digging Up Fun

Ryan and Jayden are a whole different ballgame of entertainment than the Three J’s. Instead of fishing they dig holes. Bury chairs – and each other. Throw things. Eat strange things. Like wood. and sand. Just to be crazy.

Where it is fun to watch the little guys play and listen to the things that pop outta their mouths, it’s always great to watch these two because they are pretty awesome too.

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{Craguns} Fishing to be had

Jordan is growing up so fast. Too fast. He just turned 5 and has started kindergarten. He loved fishing off the dock just outside the cabin at Craguns, and even caught a few fish! One fish didn’t make it, though, and even thought Rob labored to release the fish from the hook, it was just too deep in there.

And Jordan’s response to his dead fish? “God solved his death because He wants the fish in heaven with Him.”

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{Craguns} Three J’s

Please welcome my three favorite little J’s to your screen. Jordan, Judah and Baby Gup.

It was a blast to be able to spend more time with them on their visit from MO. Watching them grow up from far away is hard and they (all) crack me up! They all love swimming (Gup would prefer to be able to kick his legs) and going on Boppa’s boat is a MUST! Jordan got buried in the sand just after his bath, Judah had a blast playing with Kristin, and Baby Gup had his first ice cream cone (at 5-mo!). They certainly keep a person on their toes and everyone in stitches with the things they say!

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{Craguns} Lazy Days

It is tradition. My Aunt and Uncle rent a cabin at Craguns. Every year, last week of July. A week of fun, sun and boating on Gull Lake far, far away from the city. Ahhh! And every year, various friends and family are invited to spend the day with them enjoying it all.

This year I was blessed to catch a ride with Rob and Kristin and spend a few days there. Meaning: more time with Katie and The Three J’s, entertainment of Ryan and Jayden’s antics, reading books, bonfires, laughs of little boys, making ice cream, first (and last) sunburn of the year…

Over the next week or so, I bring you pictures of the days spent playing and fishing and boating and celebrating birthdays and…

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While my Dad and Mike worked on installing the new window, my grandpa took on the job of disposing of the old one….I think it was probably the best (funnest) job to be had on the project!

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Brighten up!

Dad and Mom have been doing a LOT of work on their house this summer, and one day was spent putting a new window in the living room. Most of the guys from their church showed up to either help or cheer on the workers.

Now the living room is so much brighter!

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The Gift of a Child

God has blessed the union
Of a husband and a wife
With a beautiful little baby
Bringing joy into their lives

For children are blessings
Sent from God above
A precious gift heaven sent
An expression of God’s love

On the foundation of this love,
May this child truly grow
Discovering the truths of God
And to one day come to know

That Jesus Christ is Lord of all
And He has an awesome plan,
A destiny only they can fulfill
As they take Him by the hand

And walk with Him every day
With God’s vision for their lives
And godly passion to fulfill
The commission of Jesus Christ

© By M.S.Lowndes

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