One Way to Rake

Dad and Mom decided to cut down some trees and branches so I had a chance to capture the fall colors. We teased dad that cutting down the trees is one way to rake the yard.

Planks of Thankfulness

Recently some women from church finished going through One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp.

In one of the chapters Ann talked about how each time we give thanks for a moment we are building a bridge that brings us closer to God. This made me think of the many bridges at Springbrook. Even the Creepy One.

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Glorious Morning Glory

In this meadow starred with spring
Shepherds kneel before their king.
Mary throned, with dreaming eyes,
Gowned in blue like rain-washed skies,
Lifts her tiny son that he
May behold their courtesy.
And green-smocked children, awed and good,
Bring him blossoms from the wood.

Clear the sunlit steeples chime
Mary’s coronation-time.
Loud the happy children quire
To the golden-windowed morn;
While the lord of their desire
Sleeps below the crimson thorn.

It’s Been a Year Already!?!

On your first birthday,
I’m thinking about how much light and sparkle
you freely dispense wherever you go,
how your sunny smile lights up any gathering.
Every birthday marks another year
of you radiating positive, happy energy,
contagious happiness
that infects all who come in contact with you.
May your next birthday find you the same–
glowing from within,
beaming bright joy on everyone you meet.
I feel blessed to know you.

A New Bundle of Grace

I am pleased to introduce you to Gracie May. Cute as a button and oh-so-sweet.

Golden Rob

Rob’s golden birthday was this year.

A bash was had (planned by the wonderful Kristina). People came from far and wide. We surprised Rob.  Cake was eaten after tons of candles were blown out. There was drumming on bowls in the kitchen. Balloons were written on and chewed. There was a performance by Cole, future Rockstar. Good times had by all.