{Advent} 10 Ways to be Perfect

One of the (many) blogs I follow is One Hundred Words. Jan writes new stories that are all exactly 100 words. I like reading her blog because all the posts are short’n’sweet and make me think. A story from last week goes with this post, I think. Go read it, then come back to finish reading.

Sometimes Christianity seems like a different country and it seems we are known for what we dislike, rather than what we like. I imagine that the second citizen Christine met also rolled his eyes…

When we forget that loving God first and then others so the Commandments just follow naturally we can hand out lists of ‘Things We Love. Things We Welcome. Things that Make us Dance’ instead of making life all Burdensome Legalities, Rules of Don’t and No Fun.

“And still God’s children didn’t trust him or so what he said. They thought they could do a better job of looking after themselves and making themselves happy. But God knew there was no such thing as happiness without him. So God led them to a tall mountain. God wanted to talk to his people and show them what he was like. He wanted to help them know him better and tell them about the special land he was going to give them.”

God spoke all these words:
I am God, your God,
who brought you out of the land of Egypt,
out of a life of slavery.
No other gods, only me.

_MG_4638Exodus 16-17, 19-40

I am following my friend Amanda’s Advent Stitch-A-Long. You can find instructions for today’s ornament here. Prep instructions by Amanda are here.

The book used for the Advent reading is The Jesus Storybook Bible. You can find more information the book here or buy it on Amazon here.