{Cole} Drums and Trees

Oh, Cole! He’s such a great four-yea-old. Huge into Fresh Beat Band (especially Morena…but not the New One) and got a drum kit for his birthday. Then Heather, Cole, Ada and I hit French Park to find That Tree. There was running, climbing, jumping, drumming, eating, laughing, sleeping and being reminded to close the door before we drove off home.cole2 cole1

{Ada} Mini Explorer

Ada is always on the move! She loves to climb, wander, and play with bracelets. It has been so much fun watching Ada grow up and learn all that she is learning. Happy First Year, Ada!ada2 ada1

{Cole} That Tree

Four years ago Heather and I packed Cole up in their van and headed to French Park, because there was a beach and trees. Cole wanted to crawl and Heather wanted pictures of her first one-year-old. So for Cole’s first birthday pictures, we chased him through sand and around trees and into the water. Little did we know on that day that we were creating a yearly tradition. Drive to that park, find that same tree.

cole4yrsHappy 4th birthday, Cole! It is so fun watching you grow up!


This was the one photo I took at Jamie’s birthday bash in July. I also have not enjoyed a party that much in a long. long. time.jamie rose

Celebrating Freedoms

I haven’t been to a fireworks display in…years. Mostly because for years, I’d have to work early the next day and who wants to brave crowds of people and crowds of bugs and be cranky at work the next morning because of no sleep just to see pretty lights in the sky?

Not me! But this year? I wanted to see fireworks.

As I figured: there were crowds of people and the crowds of mosquitoes were especially blood-sucking. But there was a crowd of bugs I’d not expected to ever see: lightning bugs! I’d never seen them, and they provided quite the wonderful pre-show lights!

So. Happy Independence Day and Happy Labor Day. Enjoy this day with family and friends and crazy good times!

fireworks2 fireworks1