{R&K Wedding} Groomsmen

Prayer was woven throughout this wedding. The effects were felt and seen in every detail. While Kristin was getting ready, the guys sat on the porch and prayed. Then brother helped brother straighten those ties. I have pretty great cousins!


{R&K Wedding} Decorations

Probably the first thing to be paid attention to at a wedding, the decorations whisper secrets about the bride and sometimes the groom. Kristin has the most amazing taste, and this was my favorite wedding to attend. Ever.d1 d2 d3 d4 d5

{‘Gup} Wedding Time

When The Erickson Family visits from MO, I tend to spend most every waking minute I can with the Three J’s. This time ’round, ‘Gup needed extra loving care since he was sick. So, with spending the most time with him, I have the most pictures of him. Go figure…

gup3In between trying to close tied-open doors, finding rocks to munch, refusing to sleep because there is so much going on, playing with Uncle ‘Dondy’, being so hot the shirt came off and a bottle of water was dumped on, ‘Gup had a busy day. He *finally* fell asleep after the ceremony. gup2 gup1Warning: the next few weeks will all have something to do with Rob and Kristin’s wedding. Beautiful location, decorations, weather plus well loved nephews-rarely-seen, seeing family and friends not often around and a gorgeous bride equal many, many photos. That I like sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

Germany – Janet = Happy Minneapolis

Waaaaay back in August, Janet was able to scrimp and save and get off work and fly from Germany to Minneapolis for a week. It had been two years since we had seen or hugged Janet. Two. Years. We packed SO MUCH into that week, I can hardly believe it! There was eating, driving and eating, talkign and eating, parties and eating, a wedding and eating, eating Juicy Lucy’s, shopping, eating, German chocolate eating….get the idea?janet1 janet2

{R&K Wedding} Before the Wedding

Flying Teddy’s, oh my! Kris put on a fabulous party (as usual) for Rob and Kristin’s wedding shower, with a theme of camping. All the prizes were camping themed, and there were s’mores cupcakes. We played Mad Libs with stories of Rob and Kristin (hilarious, btw) and had a good time eating and laughing.

Some of the cupcakes went flying on the drive to the park, but many lived on to be consumed. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry, no pictures of them today.shower1 shower2 shower3 shower4

{Craguns} One Day in 2013

Excuse meย while I remember warm sand and three silly boys and a day at Craguns…

craguns6Loud, sensitive, shy, funny, insightful, thoughtful, loving, always hungry, great imagination…this describes The Three J’s. My {favorite} boys.

Oh, Jordan! When the family arrived, the first thing Jordan said after he jumped out of the van was, “Oh! You’re here! First grade is great! I had computer lab and they taught me about computers and stuff!” Jordan wanted to jump off the dock into the lake, but was told ‘no’ so….dragged a lawn chair into the water to jump off! He can entertain himself seemingly for hours on end with games he makes up and other random bits of imagination. (but then there’s the times when he says “Come play with us! I want a ‘dult to play with.” FUN!) Spreading lots of hugs around made everyone happy….even when he was wet and mom was dry. ๐Ÿ˜‰

craguns3Judah. What a little sweetie! He likes to be clean, he likes ‘pwiiiiivicy’ and loves anything sweet. (He has a sweet tooth unlike anyone I’ve ever met!) Super polite, he enunciates things so properly (like mom) and says things like ‘I am not shy around you because you are not a stranger’ or ‘we will be on the same team so you won’t attack me wif da bawwoons.’ He likes Civil War stories and playing on the beach. It is so. much. fun listening to him tell stories, or hearing why we must do something. He has the most fascinating way of explaining things…I love this little J so much!craguns1craguns2Give ‘Gup 10 seconds and he’d be down in the lake playing in the sand. In his pajamas. or clothes. As long as he was in the water, he didn’t care much. Unless there was food involved. ‘Gup is so serious about his food. And your food. He will climb to get food, to get in the water, and just to climb.craguns5Vacation done in pajamas are best. Add a beach to improve said vacation. Combine pajamas at the beach and throw in The Three J’s and that vacation is pure gold. Even if it is only one day long on a Sunday.craguns11It was too windy to take the boat out right away, so we headed to the pool room. Where the Three J’s rode…a boat. And swam.craguns4After the pool room, we did some boating and playing at the park. Oh! The nice warmness of it all!!craguns8craguns10The Three J’s driving the boat…and of course, ‘Gup went straight for the horn! He knows his noise-makers. ๐Ÿ™‚craguns7Who knew one day could hold so much fun? Fireworks, (glow-in-the-dark) balloons fights, boating, feeding ducks, playing in the pool room and at the park, sitting in the sun on the sand, and a million laughs at what The three J’s would say and do.craguns9I think somewhere in this day in between playing with the boys there was time to visit with Katie and Aunt Judy (Thank you as always for letting me crash your family vacation!) and Kris and Ryan and….

Do you have a favorite vacation memory from this summer?