{‘Gup} Wedding Time

When The Erickson Family visits from MO, I tend to spend most every waking minute I can with the Three J’s. This time ’round, ‘Gup needed extra loving care since he was sick. So, with spending the most time with him, I have the most pictures of him. Go figure…

gup3In between trying to close tied-open doors, finding rocks to munch, refusing to sleep because there is so much going on, playing with Uncle ‘Dondy’, being so hot the shirt came off and a bottle of water was dumped on, ‘Gup had a busy day. He *finally* fell asleep after the ceremony. gup2 gup1Warning: the next few weeks will all have something to do with Rob and Kristin’s wedding. Beautiful location, decorations, weather plus well loved nephews-rarely-seen, seeing family and friends not often around and a gorgeous bride equal many, many photos. That I like sharing 🙂

Germany – Janet = Happy Minneapolis

Waaaaay back in August, Janet was able to scrimp and save and get off work and fly from Germany to Minneapolis for a week. It had been two years since we had seen or hugged Janet. Two. Years. We packed SO MUCH into that week, I can hardly believe it! There was eating, driving and eating, talkign and eating, parties and eating, a wedding and eating, eating Juicy Lucy’s, shopping, eating, German chocolate eating….get the idea?janet1 janet2