I have been working on a 2014 summary post. As I started sifting through my memories of the year, the good memories piled up so high I became overwhelmed with what I thought the post would look like. As I decide what all and how I will share from last year, I thought it would be a good idea to record my Word of the Year, and why I chose it.

Trust GodTrust. I want to work on trusting God, myself, and others. I have this picture on my desktop to remind me that I do not need to worry or stress out about life things or figure out everything on my own. God is patiently waiting for me to call on Him and trust Him with the details.

God has made many promises in the Bible, promises that apply to each person who will claim them. While I believe those promises for others, sometimes I have a hard time trusting those same promises for me. This year I will be intentional about trusting God in the big and the small.

I don’t always trust my decisions. I second guess and worry that I made the wrong choice. It is time to start trusting myself to make the best decision I can with the information I have. This would also come under trusting God, because I believe He will guide me if I listen.

I always dissect what people say to me about myself. I will be working this year to trust that my friends are speaking truth to me and accept their compliments.

Today, I read two quotes that blessed me today. The first one help remind me to trust God that He loves me and will keep His promises to me.

“May we learn to accept that there isn’t always a why, a how, or a lesson. But there is always Jesus. And there is always love.” – Emily P. Freeman

“You have not been abandoned or forgotten. God is working, and when you least expect it, in a way that you may hardly even recognize at first, He’s going to fulfill all He promised.” – Holley Gerth on (in)courage