Coming Up For Air

A friend sent me a book by Margaret Becker to read a couple months ago. Reading it was like a gentle rain on my soul. One of my favorite quotes is below, because it reminds me to stop pining for the past and look forward to the future and all the awaiting adventures.


{3Js} Water Kids

The first pool day at Grandma’s this summer was a blast!

Jordan and Jacob cleaned the pool with Grandma and filled it up. The water was so cold!3Js pool candace rose 1When Jacob woke up from his nap he was delighted to see the pool full and the slid pulled over. When he slid down the first time…





The water was COLD!

The three boys asked to turn the hot water on for the pool. ha!3Js pool candace rose 2 AJ garden candace rose

Before You Die

Dear Cyclamen,

Welcome to my house. You are beautiful. So unique. It’s exciting to have a non-green plant here. I have a spot all picked out for you. I took a picture to remember your unique beauty. The website I looked you up on says you are easy to care for.

But I want to warn you…I kill plants. No matter how I try, I can’t keep them alive. You are going to die a slow, painful, probably sudden death. I will either water you too much or too little.

I hope you prove me wrong and thrive here. I hope to see you live a long life.

Only time will tell.

cyclamen candace roseSincerely, Me