He is Near

A few Sunday’s past, guest speaker Kyle Asmus spoke on Luke 24:13-35 and how God’s greatness is nothing without His nearness; and His nearness is nothing without His greatness. If you want to hear the message, click here.

Jesus Came NearThat same day two of Jesus’ disciples were going to the village of Emmaus, which was about seven miles from Jerusalem. As they were talking and thinking about what had happened, Jesus came near and started walking along beside them. But they did not know who he was. Luke 24:13-16

{3Js} Soon Another

The J’s Three will be joined by a new bundle of fun. A party was thrown to find out if the baby would be a boy-J or a girl-J. There were great blue and pink decorations and mustaches or lips to show if we were voting boy or girl!selah_candace_rose_GENDER_predictions selah_candace_rose_GENDER_decorations There was also hair paint and glow sticks in pink or blue for the kids!selah_candace_rose_GENDER_people And the reveal was given by M&Ms from the dispenser Marcus used o propose to Katie. Baby 4 will be a …selah_candace_rose_GENDER_resultsBOY!!!!

{Road Trip} Kandiyohi

This trip could also be titled Tour of Kandiyohi Parks…

It was early on that fateful Friday afternoon in July. April and I loaded up her car and set out on an adventure. Our only plan: to have fun. Our destination: Kandiyohi, MN, home of the Miron clan.selah_candace_rose_Kandiyohi_parks We arrived at Miron’s doorstep two hours later to spend July 4th weekend with Heather, Cole, and Ada. Mark was in the Cities working.
selah_candace_rose_Kandiyohi_ADA2 We filled our time with visiting parks (6), good food, eating fresh picked strawberries (over cake), chasing down firework shows (we saw 10), late night girl talks, and much laughter. selah_candace_rose_Kandiyohi_ADA3 selah_candace_rose_Kandiyohi_ADA1 selah_candace_rose_Kandiyohi_COLE Also on the agenda was hoping the sky would clear so we could see Nature’s Light Show, the aurora borealis.selah_candace_rose_Kandiyohi_treeWe may not have seen those elusive lights, but as we chased the sun home early Sunday morning, April and I agreed:

The trip was a success.

{3Js} Jeremy

Jeremy is a popular name, I guess. I have a cousin with that name and a best friend married a Jeremy. Then when my cousin moved back to town, they got their oldest, J1, a python.

Who was named Jeremy.

I ‘got’ to snake/dog/fish/house-sit one weekend while they went on a trip…selah_candace_rose_snake_1

Snakes kinda freak me out, but this baby python was behind glass and I was intrigued.selah_candace_rose_snake_2For about 10 minutes before I had to leave the room!

Is there an animal you stay away from as much as possible? or do you love snakes (why?!?)?

{Special Announcement} Etsy

Today I officially re-opened my etsy shop. I have posted 5 ‘Hand Embroidered Re-useable Felt Business Card or Gift Card Wallet with Hand Stamped Card’ or, if you prefer the short name, Omiyage envelopes.

But SEO doesn’t like the short name.

And people give me funny looks when I call the envelopes that.

EstyWhen I learned to make these envelopes, omiyage was described as a special, small gift that keeps giving. The envelopes I make are felt and I include a little card to give with the envelope.

Here is the set up for taking my pictures and a look-see of what comes with the purchase of an envelope.

selah_candace_rose_etsyClick here or check out the Etsy Shop link in the menu bar above and please go check my store out! I will be adding many more in the next few weeks.