New Home Prom

Melody bought her first house and has done some amazing work to make it her own! This was a night to show off all her hard work. Each room had a before pictures hanging up so you could see the wonderful changes. selah_candace_rose_Melody_1 Melody chose to have a prom themed house warming party. There were twinkly lights, so much good food, games, a bonfire, and plenty of friends.selah_candace_rose_Melody_2 Melody collects rocks from all over the world. She has them here and there and everywhere. Each rock has meaning to her and adds a perfect Melody touch. They help relax the atmosphere around the house and garden.selah_candace_rose_Melody_3 I had to leave about the time the fire was started and games were started, but sounds like it was a fun, late night party!selah_candace_rose_Melody_4

{Craguns} 2015

Every year, my cousins go to Craguns Resort on Gull Lake. I always get to go spend a couple days hanging out on the beach, playing with the kids, spending good times with family. This year I left my camera packed away most of the time, which was a refreshing break.selah_candace_rose_CRAGUNS_1 I spent more time talking with my cousins than playing with the kids. Late nights eating s’mores round the fire after the kids were in bed.selah_candace_rose_CRAGUNS_FISHERS Watching The Three J’s catch fish in all shapes and sizes!selah_candace_rose_CRAGUNS_FISH Watching a mama duck watch over her babies while they try to nap…selah_candace_rose_CRAGUNS_DUCK FAMILY And I played BINGO for the first time…and WON THE GRAND PRIZE!!!selah_candace_rose_CRAGUNS_2A mustang. 😀

What fun things did you do with your favorite people this summer? I’d love to hear!