{Janet’s Germany} Giechburg Castle

selah_candace_rose_Giechburg_1The Giechburg Castle is right outside Scheßlitz in Upper Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. It looks over Scheßlitz and the Bamberg region. Janet likes to call it The Topless Castle because the roofs were taken off in the Romantic Age. selah_candace_rose_Giechburg_2The castle was first mentioned in writing in 1125, and came into the possession of the prince-bishops of Bamberg in 1390. selah_candace_rose_Giechburg_3It as fun walking around there and seeing flowers growing out of walls and the 4290+ year old tree! selah_candace_rose_Giechburg_4 selah_candace_rose_Giechburg_5 selah_candace_rose_Giechburg_6 selah_candace_rose_Giechburg_7 selah_candace_rose_Giechburg_8



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