{4Js} J1, Scientist

J1 is all grown up and doing science fairs at school now. It was SO FUN to go see what he worked on, and also wander through all the classrooms participating to learn what all the 4th graders had been learning!


Wanna know what J1 learned? He’d love to tell you more!kandihamble-science-2



{Concert} Emmet Cahill

kandihamble-emmet-1I was SO excited to be able to attend Emmet Cahill’s solo tour when he stopped in St. Paul. If you have a chance to go to his concert, TAKE IT! He recently released his first solo CD (YAY!!!) which you can find on Amazon or the Celtic Thunder website.

Emmet sang a lot of the songs on his album and shared stories about them. Hearing the behind the song stories always makes a song mean more to me. One of the most moving songs of the night for me was when Emmet sang How Great Thou Art.


The craic was great, and I hope Emmet and Seamus come back next time! Here’s another song Emmet sang at his concert. 🙂

Find Emmet on facebook and his website.



{4Js} J3 Turns 5

kandihamble.com-Jacob5Bday-1Decorations by brothers, pizza and cupcakes by dad, games by mom. This family KNOWS how to party! J3 is called a little monkey because he’s always been a climber, so that was the theme. J1 made a monkey with a banana to sit at the table.kandihamble.com-Jacob5Bday-2Some pre-school friends came and played downstairs while dad got the pizza and cupcakes. After lunch was gift opening and then cupcakes! I love how involved the whole family is in celebrating the birthday person! J1 and J2 helped mom put in the candles and birthday banner, AND they did the decorating!kandihamble.com-Jacob5Bday-3The day was perfect to go outside to the waiting piñata filled with candy. All of the kids got a few chances to whack it before it fell off the rope and was finished off by dad. Then the candy rush began!kandihamble.com-Jacob5Bday-4What is YOUR favorite birthday tradition – one growing up or a current one?


Movin’, Movin’, Movin’

Moving can be tough. Packing everything in boxes, maybe labeling them, waiting for the big day, and an extra load of cleaning before moving into the new space and as the old is emptied. I have been discovering moving a blog is no different!

I don’t know if you noticed a couples weeks ago, but this blog moved to a new URL (kandihamble.com), got a bit of a facelift (new tag line and banners, which match across Instagram, Twitter, and Zazzle), and a new About Me page!

So, welcome to my new home on the interwebs. I’m still in the process of moving things over and then will be making sure links are correct…but here we are! The past couple weeks have been a soft launch of sorts and I’m busy getting new content ready for next week, including sharing the background of my guest post at Discovering Freedom Project!

Until then, click here to read my guest post over at Discovering Freedom!

Have a grace filled week.