Who God Created Me To Be

Discovering freedom is a life-time journey. It can encompass a wild range of things that are as unique to each person as are our likes and dislikes. Discovering freedom can change from season to season of a person’s life.

Right now, I am discovering freedom in Who God Created Me To Be and learning contentment in that. Growing up, I learned well the lesson of comparison. I did not act sweet and peaceful like my cousin, didn’t sit up straight like that boy, wasn’t loud and funny like them… The list goes on!

Along with the lesson of comparison, I was introduced to discontentment. I bet none of my teachers would have been able to tell me about her, perhaps because they are too well acquainted with her themselves.

As an adult, I am unlearning comparison (say it with me: “HARD!”) and discovering freedom in contentment (also hard). To learn contentment, I am having to learn Who God Created Me To Be. One facet at a time.

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend about some humorous videos that other people find hilarious but I do not. The conversation naturally moved into talking about how serious I am. I said, “I hate being serious! I shouldn’t be serious! I need to be fun and funny and not so quiet and …blah blah blah.”


But if I believe what the Bible says, then:

These verses point me to Truth and are each a key to unlock the many padlocks holding my heart hostage.

Yes, I am serious. I am actually OK with that now and I *can* be serious and quite funny at times. Both are true of me and they are balanced just the way God knew I would need them to do His will.

Someday soon, I will have another step to take, another lock to match to another key — but let’s not skip ahead, shall we?

Today has enough worries of its own and I know who holds tomorrow. He’s got this all under control.

But today? Today, another key has been used to release another chain, and I can taste freedom. The journey won’t be easy, but I feel the trees which have been hemming me in as a prisoner are slowly being chopped down and I can see the Son through the dark canopy above.

I am Discovering Freedom with my Lord, one step at a time.

I am a loved Child of God in the frozen state of Minnesota. I think in pictures and have a quirky sense of humor. Good luck finding a photo of me, since I’m always behind the camera. Curling up in the sun with a good book or wandering the closest nature walk with my camera is how I unwind and processes what Jesus is doing in and around me.

This was originally found on Discovering Freedom back in March 2017.