Canterbury Bells

A couple of years ago a cousin and I heard of a local art event where they were giving away free seeds. Joys! We were told the seeds may or may not grow and to only take what e’d actually plant. I chose a few new-to-me flowers, including Canterbury Bells.

Even though I was told by a family member how difficult people find it to grow these flowers, I still planted the seeds. The first year a few little sprouts came up. I was sad, but knew even before the naysayer that perhaps none of the seeds would grow.

Imagine my surprise this spring when I went out and saw two VERY healthy and large plants heavy with these purple bells!! It was so fun to enjoy them this year. It was even sweeter since they hadn’t really come the first year!

It made me think about how God grows things in HIS timing and that I need to be patient with myself -and others- to see what glorious beauty will come from his creativity and love.