Wyoming Day Trip

When you’re in Spearfish for 1.5 days, what should you do? Drive across the border into Wyoming to see Devil’s Tower, of course! Although, I would suggest going on a nice day clear of snow storms. And it would also be helpful to not go just hours before the wedding you are there to attend. And when you get to the scenic pull off where the signs say you can see Devil’s Tower from, right before the best little place with buffalo burgers? Look the other way. Devil’s Tower is behind you. But you won’t see it is snow is falling. No matter if it’s snowing or not…Devil’s Tower is a sight to see! What do you say when you run into a cow in a blizzard?

{South Dakota} Grand Entry

While I was in Sisseton this July, I had the privilege to go to the reservation for the Grand Entry.Grand Entry Sisseton SD The colors, the designs, the pageantry. It was all so stunning and fascinating. It would be incredible to be able to sit down with some of the Native Americans to learn the meaning and story behind the designs and dress pieces! This little guy didn’t seem to be part of the Grand Entry, but he was out on the field for most of it!