Wedding Bells

My cousin Kris got married in May. The whole day was beautiful. I loved both of her dresses, and all the meaningful things that were done throughout the day were superb! This is one of the few pictures I took from the day, during toasts at the reception. Kris loves her family so much and it was evident with how she and Austin put so much thought into what would be them AND what the wide range of guests would enjoy. They spoiled us all! It was hard going back to work and PBJ sandwiches after the whole weekend of such GOOD food!

Kris’s mom, my aunt, made most of the decorations and worked so hard to make them simple and elegant. She highly succeeded! Crave catered the food and everyone was so friendly! One of the waiters went over and above filling up water and was by every 5 minutes to give me a refill! That’s hard to find… Chenoweth Floral & Greenhouses did the flowers. Dad and I made boxes for centerpieces and they were completely simple and elegant when Chenoweth was through with them!

{‘Gup} Wedding Time

When The Erickson Family visits from MO, I tend to spend most every waking minute I can with the Three J’s. This time ’round, ‘Gup needed extra loving care since he was sick. So, with spending the most time with him, I have the most pictures of him. Go figure…

gup3In between trying to close tied-open doors, finding rocks to munch, refusing to sleep because there is so much going on, playing with Uncle ‘Dondy’, being so hot the shirt came off and a bottle of water was dumped on, ‘Gup had a busy day. He *finally* fell asleep after the ceremony. gup2 gup1Warning: the next few weeks will all have something to do with Rob and Kristin’s wedding. Beautiful location, decorations, weather plus well loved nephews-rarely-seen, seeing family and friends not often around and a gorgeous bride equal many, many photos. That I like sharing 🙂

Germany – Janet = Happy Minneapolis

Waaaaay back in August, Janet was able to scrimp and save and get off work and fly from Germany to Minneapolis for a week. It had been two years since we had seen or hugged Janet. Two. Years. We packed SO MUCH into that week, I can hardly believe it! There was eating, driving and eating, talkign and eating, parties and eating, a wedding and eating, eating Juicy Lucy’s, shopping, eating, German chocolate eating….get the idea?janet1 janet2