My cousin’s grandma sent me the sweetest Christmas gift this year, which was something I wasn’t expecting! She gave me a Red Lion Amaryllis bulb kit to grow. In the past, I usually tend to kill any plant given to me so I apologized to the bulb as I planted it (upside down) and then waited to see what would happen. First thing to happen? I replanted it right side up and then it grew! The flowers were a lovely bright spot by the window on dreary winter days.


This is now the SECOND plant I’ve kept alive so I think the moral of this story could be…you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, haha! But really, I think my black thumb is turning into a green one and someday I will enjoy having a bigger garden than just 2 plants. 🙂

Are you a gardener? What advise would you give a someone starting out?


Before You Die

Dear Cyclamen,

Welcome to my house. You are beautiful. So unique. It’s exciting to have a non-green plant here. I have a spot all picked out for you. I took a picture to remember your unique beauty. The website I looked you up on says you are easy to care for.

But I want to warn you…I kill plants. No matter how I try, I can’t keep them alive. You are going to die a slow, painful, probably sudden death. I will either water you too much or too little.

I hope you prove me wrong and thrive here. I hope to see you live a long life.

Only time will tell.

cyclamen candace roseSincerely, Me