{Concert} Byrne & Kelly 2017

Having my BFF is town from Germany at the right time to go see this concert will probably be the highlight of the year! As always, Neil and Ryan were super funny and shared stories behind the songs, which makes everything so much better! And we got to chat with Angie after. 🙂

Curious to know more? Check out their website and Facebook page!


{Concert} Emmet Cahill

kandihamble-emmet-1I was SO excited to be able to attend Emmet Cahill’s solo tour when he stopped in St. Paul. If you have a chance to go to his concert, TAKE IT! He recently released his first solo CD (YAY!!!) which you can find on Amazon or the Celtic Thunder website.

Emmet sang a lot of the songs on his album and shared stories about them. Hearing the behind the song stories always makes a song mean more to me. One of the most moving songs of the night for me was when Emmet sang How Great Thou Art.


The craic was great, and I hope Emmet and Seamus come back next time! Here’s another song Emmet sang at his concert. 🙂

Find Emmet on facebook and his website.



{Concert} Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant

Ever since I’ve had a job, Michael W. Smith’s Christmas concert has been a Christmas tradition for me. I missed a couple years due to working on Saturdays, but last year I was able to make it, and convinced my friend Joyce to go with me! Usually I get front row tickets, but this year we were waaaaaaaaaay back in the back. But it was still so much fun and the night did not disappoint!selah_candace_rose_MWSCM_1 The orchestra and singers were amazing! I always love when one of the ladies sing All Is Well. I’d never seen Amy Grant in concert, so that was neat!selah_candace_rose_MWSCM_2 It was a fabulous night!selah_candace_rose_MWSCM_3