How Time Flies

J3 is … three. How did that happen? It seems like this precocious bundle of laughs and lover of ice cream was just one. But I suppose things like this happen when a whole state separates us.

We had a day of joy, laughter, balloons, play dough, and ice cream to celebrate Jacob.

32Jacob LOVES ice cream. Near the end of eating the cake, he found the ice cream container left unattended…and finished it off! Good thing there wasn’t much left…cake5

{‘Gup} Wedding Time

When The Erickson Family visits from MO, I tend to spend most every waking minute I can with the Three J’s. This time ’round, ‘Gup needed extra loving care since he was sick. So, with spending the most time with him, I have the most pictures of him. Go figure…

gup3In between trying to close tied-open doors, finding rocks to munch, refusing to sleep because there is so much going on, playing with Uncle ‘Dondy’, being so hot the shirt came off and a bottle of water was dumped on, ‘Gup had a busy day. He *finally* fell asleep after the ceremony. gup2 gup1Warning: the next few weeks will all have something to do with Rob and Kristin’s wedding. Beautiful location, decorations, weather plus well loved nephews-rarely-seen, seeing family and friends not often around and a gorgeous bride equal many, many photos. That I like sharing 🙂

{Craguns} Three J’s

Please welcome my three favorite little J’s to your screen. Jordan, Judah and Baby Gup.

It was a blast to be able to spend more time with them on their visit from MO. Watching them grow up from far away is hard and they (all) crack me up! They all love swimming (Gup would prefer to be able to kick his legs) and going on Boppa’s boat is a MUST! Jordan got buried in the sand just after his bath, Judah had a blast playing with Kristin, and Baby Gup had his first ice cream cone (at 5-mo!). They certainly keep a person on their toes and everyone in stitches with the things they say!

_MG_1297 _MG_1295 _MG_1226 _MG_1208 _MG_1145 _MG_1021 _MG_0981 _MG_0972 _MG_0960 _MG_0955 _MG_0860 _MG_0850 _MG_0839 _MG_0786 _MG_0724 _MG_0719 _MG_0709 _MG_0696 _MG_0691 _MG_0643 _MG_0639 _MG_0625 _MG_0622 _MG_0613 _MG_0609 _MG_0601 _MG_0592 _MG_0584