{Cole} Drums and Trees

Oh, Cole! He’s such a great four-yea-old. Huge into Fresh Beat Band (especially Morena…but not the New One) and got a drum kit for his birthday. Then Heather, Cole, Ada and I hit French Park to find That Tree. There was running, climbing, jumping, drumming, eating, laughing, sleeping and being reminded to close the door before we drove off home.cole2 cole1

{N.E.C.} Playing Pretend

Well, you’ve already met N, E, and C. These are from before Mother’s Day when we started work on some Super-Secret-Projects for Mother’s Day. Which were ready a couple weeks early. And were also made for a *really* early Father’s day (pictures at the end of this post).2NEC1N wanted to be dressed up in her ball gown for the pictures. She was sooo excited to make a special project for her mom that was a secret!

2NEC2 E was very silly that day. She changed a few times and ended up in this outfit, a little ballerina!

2NEC3C was diggin’ his sister’s shades and played with them for quite a while.

2NEC4N was having fun telling E a story from the Zoo of Far Far Away with her horse and dolls. E had fun throwing her penguin up in the air and then jumping after it.

NECN and E are BIG into mermaids and princesses right now. And were VERY tired of all. the. snow.

happy mothers fathers dayHere are the Super-Secret-Projects made for King Daddy and Queen Mommy. Each girl picked out the colors and did the painting themselves. N did all her own gluing too. 🙂 They picked out C’s colors also.

{Craguns} Digging Up Fun

Ryan and Jayden are a whole different ballgame of entertainment than the Three J’s. Instead of fishing they dig holes. Bury chairs – and each other. Throw things. Eat strange things. Like wood. and sand. Just to be crazy.

Where it is fun to watch the little guys play and listen to the things that pop outta their mouths, it’s always great to watch these two because they are pretty awesome too.

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