Wyoming Day Trip

When you’re in Spearfish for 1.5 days, what should you do? Drive across the border into Wyoming to see Devil’s Tower, of course! Although, I would suggest going on a nice day clear of snow storms. And it would also be helpful to not go just hours before the wedding you are there to attend. And when you get to the scenic pull off where the signs say you can see Devil’s Tower from, right before the best little place with buffalo burgers? Look the other way. Devil’s Tower is behind you. But you won’t see it is snow is falling. No matter if it’s snowing or not…Devil’s Tower is a sight to see! What do you say when you run into a cow in a blizzard?

My Kind of Blizzard

This day kinda looked like a painting to me. A blizzard was predicted, but this is about the most snow that fell. My kind of blizzard. Well….really, a DQ blizzard is the best kind, but I digress.

I’m trying to remember the painful cold because it’s so hot out and I want some ice cream. A beautiful picture of snow will work for right now. Onwards and upwards to hot days and sunshine all around.

When Spring Means Snow

I don’t think I know anyone who starts out spring thinking, “Let’s have a good blizzard!” But that’s what we did in Minnesota. And even though I don’t get along with the cold, I have to admit the results were beautiful. Especially since I didn’t have to go anywhere. My car was buried. The roads were buried. The trees were buried. The robins were still out and about, though.

Now this blizzard is nothing but a bad memory that I can laugh about. The snow is SO GONE and this corner of the world is warming up!

{4Js} Winter Fun

kandihamble-novbdays-1There was once a December day where many three generations gathered to celebrate two special boys, J2 and J4. They were both born Thanksgiving weekend, but with everyone traveling this year the party was a weekend later. kandihamble-novbdays-2There were balloons to punch and books to read and snow in the yard begging to be rolled up into snowmen. kandihamble-novbdays-3J4 had fun watching the snowman building from the comfort of the living room while he strummed a guitar. kandihamble-novbdays-4Then our two boys armed with their sweet tooth blew out flames and dug in to their gooey confections of brownies and muffins and cupcakes with frosting. kandihamble-novbdays-5Right before the party ended, gifts were opened and played with and packed up to go home. kandihamble-novbdays-6It was a splendid day celebrating these two little boys so greatly loved.