In Season

“But blessed are those who trust in the Lord
and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.
They are like trees planted along a riverbank,
with roots that reach deep into the water.
Such trees are not bothered by the heat
or worried by long months of drought.
Their leaves stay green,
and they never stop producing fruit.
Jeremiah 17:7-8

{Springbrook} Sunburst

Springbrook Nature Center is my favorite place to visit on a good weather day. Different things can be seen by switching up which paths you walk on, what the weather is like, and the season. During the Fall the landscape changes weekly!selah_candace_rose_springbrook1-1 selah_candace_rose_springbrook1-2Springbrook has gone through many changes in the past year, most of which I am loving. During this walk I found a little path that took me to a little haven full of bright yellow happiness. selah_candace_rose_springbrook1-3The little yellow flowers above remind me of the sun emblem of Rapunzel’s kingdom in Tangled. selah_candace_rose_springbrook1-4 selah_candace_rose_springbrook1-5For a couple months there was this cool tree teepee deep in the woods. I knew some boys who would have loved playing in it, but alas! It was taken down before they could visit. selah_candace_rose_springbrook1-6



{Janet’s Germany} Dresden

selah_candace_rose_Dresden_1The day we spent in Dresden was partly cloudy and just the right temperature. We took the train in so we wouldn’t have to keep track of the car, or time! We got off the train and took a long walk through Prager Straße.

In shame and sorrow
Remember Christians the Jewish people of this city.
In 1933, 4675 Jews lived in Dresden. 1945 there were 70.
We were silent, as their church burned, deprived of the right of citizenship as Jews, they were expelled and murdered. We did not recognize in them our brothers and sisters.
We ask for forgiveness and Shalom.
November 1988

selah_candace_rose_Dresden_3Our first stop was at Kreuzkirche (Cross Church), first built around 1168 and was dedicated to Saint Nicholas. It has been through many re-buildings, fires, and renovations from 1401 to 1945. It re-opened in1955 in its current form.
selah_candace_rose_Dresden_4Dresden is a beautiful city built along the Elbe river. Dresden has a wealth of cultural and art treasures and was the residence of sovereigns and kings starting in 1425. Although it was badly destroyed in the Dresden Bombing of 1945, it has been rebuilt and is a splendor to view. We spent some time in Dresden’s Frauenkirche, which I’ll post more about next week. selah_candace_rose_Dresden_5There is entirely too much to see in Dresden in just one day, but we did a fair amount of wandering around and enjoying the views of Elbe, walking through Theatreplatz, seeing König Johann’s statue, the Hofkirche and Royal Palace (Residenzschloss), Semperoper (Semper Opera House), Goldener Reiter, Albertinum, Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Brühlsche Terrassen…this list would be very long if I listed everything we saw! selah_candace_rose_Dresden_6 selah_candace_rose_Dresden_7 selah_candace_rose_Dresden_8 selah_candace_rose_Dresden_9 selah_candace_rose_Dresden_10 selah_candace_rose_Dresden_11