{Eagle Lake} Walking

One of the sweetest times I’ve started having this year is long walks with my friend Carol.selah_candace_rose_eaglelake_1We meet at Eagle Lake and walk, talk, pray, and laugh. We are also known to dream and cry. selah_candace_rose_eaglelake_2Each spot on this walk has a different dream, a different prayer attached with it. We wonder about the wandering, whisper heartaches, celebrate triumphs. We ask What’s Next? selah_candace_rose_eaglelake_3These walks are good for my soul.





Field Day 2016

selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_01A couple of years ago, Jordan wanted to have a field day with his cousins, which has started a wonderful tradition. This was the Third Annual Russie Field Day. Cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and Grandma were in attendance. selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_02There were some non-water races and then water joined the fun. It was super hot out, so the water was a welcomed addition. selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_03J4 and I played spectators, since he was too young and someone had to keep him from falling face-first into the pool (again). He didn’t seem to mind too much since he received his own little J4-safe pool and he got to eat lunch in his pool! selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_04 selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_05 selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_06There were also some side sand-games, played by Sam and Tyler before they joined in the water games. These games were cake making and hole digging. selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_07 selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_08One one the funnest games to watch was a summer spin on Duck, Duck, Gray Duck. It goes Drip, Drip, Dump and involves dripping and pouring water and chasing. It was hilarious to watch! selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_10Field Day always concludes with snacks, and this year there was also grilled pizza!

{3Js} Water Kids

The first pool day at Grandma’s this summer was a blast!

Jordan and Jacob cleaned the pool with Grandma and filled it up. The water was so cold!3Js pool candace rose 1When Jacob woke up from his nap he was delighted to see the pool full and the slid pulled over. When he slid down the first time…





The water was COLD!

The three boys asked to turn the hot water on for the pool. ha!3Js pool candace rose 2 AJ garden candace rose